Going green in the office – it’s easier than you think!
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Going green in the office – it’s easier than you think!

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Ecology has become a permanent fixture in our lives. More and more people choose ecological products and try to live in harmony with the environment. Also in the workplace we can implement green actions. Find out how ecology can appear in your office.

Ecology has definitely made its way into the mainstream – now not only activists are talking about it, but also the media and influencers. This is definitely a very big step towards taking care of the environment. Also offices can join this trend and introduce ecological solutions in the workplace. We suggest how to do it!

Reduce plastic

Plastic is undoubtedly one of the biggest culprits behind the creation of huge islands of garbage in the seas and oceans. That’s why it’s so important to reduce it wherever possible. How to do it Replace plastic packaging with eco-friendly boxes such as cardboard boxes made from recycled paper, ditch disposable crockery and cutlery in favour of classic ones that you can place in a communal kitchen.

Encourage employees to use water filtration bottles or give them one as a corporate gift, store important documents in the cloud, and if you need to print them out, choose paper and eco-friendly folders with your company logo. There are really quite a few ways to significantly reduce plastic in the office – you just have to be willing to make changes in your work environment.

Don’t print everything

As we mentioned earlier – if you can, store your documents in the company cloud. This will cut down on the amount of paper you use, as well as the energy that a 24/7 printer consumes. However, if you absolutely must print something, use recycled paper and try to print on both sides of the page – this way instead of using, for example, 10 sheets of paper, you will use only 5.

It’s also worth investing in eco-friendly printer ink that won’t harm the environment. You can also save paper by taking notes on small pieces of paper. It is often the case that we reach for an A4 sheet of paper, jot down one short sentence or command, and then this sheet of paper ends up in the garbage even though it is practically unused and unsigned

Segregate waste in the office

Although the topic of waste segregation has been present in our lives for at least a dozen or so years, many people still have problems with it. It is therefore worth ensuring that there are several different garbage cans in the office for different types of waste – segregation will not be possible if there is only one garbage can in the office, which is unfortunately quite a common practice. You can also make sure that there are clear signs showing which waste should go into which dumpster. This will allow a lot of trash to be recycled and reused. Additionally, employees will get used to segregation and may start using it in their daily lives as well.

Save energy

You can also go green in your office by saving energy. Choose energy-saving bulbs or decide to buy led lamps, and try to use daylight as much as possible. Also, try to always turn off office equipment when no one is using it – ideally, they should be unplugged from the outlets. Also remember that when your laptop or phone gets charged, don’t leave them plugged into chargers unnecessarily. Unplug their power adapters when you’re not using the equipment.

main photo: Alesia Kazantceva/unsplash.com

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