Eco-friendly packaging – what is it made of in the 21st century?
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Eco-friendly packaging – what is it made of in the 21st century?

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We present packaging that is innovative and environmentally friendly. In this text you will read about popular solutions that are often used nowadays. Nowadays there are really many such products, so you should be interested in such ecological possibilities

Advantages of using ecological packaging

People are increasingly choosing to give up all products made of plastic, for example, bottles or plastic bags. By using eco-friendly packaging, you have an impact on the environment, which is currently polluted with various wastes. It is advisable to choose ones that are biodegradable or recyclable. Thanks to this you will become a conscious consumer who cares about the planet. The production of plastic has a significant impact on carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, such packaging is also safer for your health. Many of them are resistant and perfect for storing food, which is more durable

More and more companies that offer natural products rely on such solutions. These are, for example, manufacturers of organic food and cosmetics. The list of companies that use such packaging is constantly growing. They are also often used by online stores, for packaging their shipments. You can also find them in many restaurants. Besides, these types of packaging save money because in many cases, you can reuse them again and again

Innovative materials that are used for production

Often, paper is now used instead of plastic because it is recyclable after use. We see this phenomenon, for example, in stores or food service outlets where paper bags are offered instead of disposable bags. For the production of paper, plant fibers of trees or waste paper are used. The latter version is definitely more eco-friendly. A popular option is cardboard boxes, which can be used more than once. Wholesale cardboard boxes offer sturdy packaging in a variety of sizes. You can use them for a variety of purposes, such as shipping goods or even during a move. They are also ideal for storing various items at home or in the garage. Often the material from which the cardboard box is made is already recycled

Another interesting material is bamboo, which is a renewable resource. For example, disposable cutlery, plates or cups are made from it. They replace their plastic counterparts with great success and are now increasingly common in many stores. Bamboo is also used to produce food containers. This is a good solution for restaurants that offer take-out meals. An important point is that bamboo is completely biodegradable

Bagasse is a material that is made from sugar cane. It is naturally opaque and has a beige color. In its initial stage, it resembles fabric. It is a great alternative to cardboard packaging. It is suitable for later composting and decomposes very quickly. It is made from the waste that is produced during the production of sugar. For example, disposable dishes are created from it, which can be suitable for short-term storage of products

Eco-friendly packaging is also made from corn flour. They are tested so that they can come in safe contact with food. This is a good alternative to plastic. Besides, glass, vegetable starch, hemp, wheat bran or grass fibers, among others, are also used to make this type of packaging

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