An eco six-pack from a Florida brewery!
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An eco six-pack from a Florida brewery!

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Instead of investing in a promotional campaign, Florida-based craft brewery Saltwater created (almost 5 years back) an eco six-pack. In doing so, it has garnered as many as 110 million social media impressions and over 3.5 billion global impressions of the campaign to date. We remind you of this brilliant action and we are waiting for a similar response from Polish brewers

What does the packaging look like?

Plastic pollution poses a serious threat to wild animals both through entanglement and death from starvation. That’s why Saltwater Brewery’s beer comes in biodegradable, compostable, edible packaging made from wheat and barley waste, the natural byproducts of brewing

The packaging proposed by the U.S. brewery is made of materials that could be food for wildlife instead of killing them. Such an idea goes beyond standard recycling and definitely reduces the amount of waste

The campaign targeted environmentally conscious consumers (including surfers, fishermen and people who love to relax by the sea), other craft breweries and environmental journalists. In doing so, the Florida-based brewery sought to draw attention to the problem of marine and ocean pollution

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