Wooden Menu Design That Can Be Identification for Your Restaurant

Wooden Menu Design That Can Be Identification for Your Restaurant

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Wooden menus can be much more than just a piece of paper to show your menu, especially if you want your business to stand out from the crowd. There are countless restaurant owners who create impressive and memorable menus that become the identity of their establishment, and it all starts with the wood material that you choose to make it with. 

This article will show you how to choose the best wood for your restaurant menu and design your own unique wood menu board designs that will attract new customers and set you apart from the competition.

The menu is an element in the restaurant

It is made from different types of materials, can be printed or handwritten, and will be placed in a certain place. It can also serve as a type of menu that allows customers to see their options by posting them at the entrance of a restaurant. Among many uses, wood menu holder is used in restaurants that have unique things on their menu like wood-fired pizza ovens or vegan food items. There are many ways to make an original design for your wooden menu holder. 

What do you need wooden menus for?

First and foremost, if you want to make your restaurant look impressive and professional, it is necessary to present menus on wooden boards. It would be great when customers saw that your restaurant uses such boards because it shows you pay a lot of attention to design details and create a pleasant atmosphere for them. 

Most often patrons choose what they eat based on visual factors only, so using menu holders made of wood will help your restaurant win more guests. And there are plenty of advantages besides just design: a wood menu holder protects paper from water damage as well as holds the paper in one place without having to tape or glue it down. That’s why wood menu holders are popular among restaurants that offer take-out service. In addition, wood menu holders can be easily cleaned with warm water and soap – no special chemicals are needed! 

Moreover, wood menu holders have a longer lifespan than regular ones; they don’t get dirty as fast (especially white ones) and don’t fade away. Wood doesn’t change its color even after long use which makes these items perfect for any type of restaurant – casual or fine dining. 

So if you want to save money on replacing menus every year, get wooden ones!

Wooden menu features that attract customers

Engage customers with custom menu holders & restaurant menu boards that are gorgeous and inviting. You can easily rotate your menus to keep them fresh and exciting while maintaining a professional appearance. 

It’s not hard to see why wooden outdoor menu holders are quickly becoming one of today’s favorite items in restaurants! The flexibility offered by these pieces makes them ideal for any location looking to add an artistic flair. 

Customers will love how each board looks different from every other board around town and will be intrigued by what new item is being featured on your wood menu display. 

Wood creates an upscale feel in any environment, making it ideal for bars, fine dining establishments, high-end retail stores, and more!  

Why wood as a menu material?

For restaurants, wood can be a unique menu option. Restaurant menus are typically printed on a laminated cardstock that stands up to heavy wear and tear—and since they’re so frequently changed, they often need to be replaced every month or so. If you’re looking for menu materials that will stand out in an office kitchen or retail environment, consider replacing your current cardstock with wooden menus. They add warmth and personality and won’t get tossed aside as quickly as their paper counterparts.

Where to buy wooden menus?

Make sure to also search for a shop that has varieties of wood menu holders and boards. Each item can be customized based on your needs and preferences, so find a shop that is able to meet those. In some cases, you may need more than one if you’re planning to have multiple boards in your restaurant. We recommend buying an equally-sized wooden menu holder and board so everything is uniform. This will give your restaurant more appeal compared to one that only uses one or two menus boards.

If you want to buy wooden menus, then Marquee Menusis the one-stop-shop for you which has a collection of wooden menu covers that can be a unique identifier for your restaurant. Check out our website- marqueemenus.com and choose a menu for your restaurant.

main photo: unsplash.com/Toa HeftibaHire

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