Planning an advertising campaign – what to consider?
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Planning an advertising campaign – what to consider?

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An advertising campaign is one of the basic elements appearing in marketing strategies. We suggest what to consider when planning such a campaign in order for it to bring the intended results

The aim of an advertising campaign is mainly sales results, but it may also bring positive effects in the context of image. A good campaign can therefore have a huge impact. That is why we suggest what you absolutely must take into account when planning.

Target group

The most important element of planning any campaign, both marketing and image, is to clearly and specifically define the target group. Remember that actions aimed at everyone are really aimed at no one. So it is not worth adopting such an attitude, because first of all, it is impossible to please and appeal to everyone, and secondly, the results will simply be poor. So how do you effectively identify your campaign’s target audience? Start by creating a portrait of your average customer. Think about how he or she is, what he or she likes, what values he or she has and what he or she expects, how old he or she is, how much he or she earns and where he or she works… create a human being/potential customer from scratch. Think about the groups in which such people appear, in what environment such a client may rotate, and to such a group target your message. This is the most important stage of planning an advertising campaign, because it is on the basis of it that you will take the next steps.

Campaign objective

Be sure to also consider what the goal of your campaign is. Is it to increase brand awareness, generate leads, or perhaps higher sales? Be specific, for example, assume that you want to get 20% more online mentions of your brand. Such clearly defined goals help you choose the right tools and determine the duration and budget of the campaign.

Communication channels and tools

Now that you know your target audience and have clearly defined goals, you can move on to choosing communication channels. Specific channels and tools fit specific messages. So it’s impossible to clearly state that, for example, billboards are better than social media posts or vice versa, because everything the effectiveness of one and the other depends mostly on how popular and noticeable they are among your target audience.


Setting a budget is also an extremely important part of campaign planning. Remember that you need materials for the campaign, space in various communication channels, possible consulting and monitoring of the campaign and many other elements that will vary slightly depending on the strategy you choose. The only thing that remains the same in (almost) every campaign is the fact that all these things cost money. So calculate all the items that need to be paid for and set a reserve. Remember that when it comes to a campaign, or the implementation of any project, combustible and assumptions are often adjusted by reality. A financial reserve will therefore act as a soft cushion to absorb any stumbling blocks.

Campaign framework plan

Once you have determined all the most important components of your advertising campaign, it is also a good idea to create a framework plan for it. Include in it point by point all the details of the campaign and when specific elements are to be implemented. This will help you clarify deadlines and identify tasks to be completed week by week or even day by day. A great tool for this will be a kanban board, which is a fairly popular agile project management method system.

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