Web positioning and commerce – how does one affect the other?

Web positioning and commerce – how does one affect the other?

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It is difficult to imagine modern trade without a marketing strategy based on well-thought-out activities, among which SEO stands out. What is it and how does it affect the development of the industry? We explain.

Positioning is also often referred to as optimization or SEO (Search Engine Optimization, which means “optimization for search engines”). Its purpose is to fine-tune a website so that it appears higher in search engine results.

Commerce is a very competitive service sector due to its rapid growth and reach. Retaining customers and attracting new ones is often impossible without careful marketing efforts, including online. Creating your own website, which is a business card of your company, will always be a good idea and the first step in an extensive SEO process. Contrary to appearances, it is not a complicated process, and well thought out in the right way can affect the development of the company and increase its profits. SEO, that’s right. Its implementation does not come just like that, nor can we bring a website to a perfect state with the movement of a magic wand. We need help, sometimes very much so, which will help us stand on our feet from scratch. It is offered by agencies – SEO in Kansas agency for example. SEO marketing Kansas, assumes delivering and implementing to the client and for the client a strategy extensive enough to include user testing ux and many other additional, but valuable services. SEO in Kansas is only an example, however, we can get help in many places and from many service providers, but first we need to make contact and arrange an SEO audit. This is worth considering, because acting with a strategy like SEO marketing Kansas offers is a whole new level of marketing in the trade sector. 

Website positioning

Regardless of what industry we operate in, a website should be the basis of our broader marketing activities. However, in order for our website not to be buried by others, we need to take care of its positioning, only then it will be well visible in the search engine.

Website positioning consists of several elementary activities. At the beginning you should specify the scope of activity and create a profile of customers. Only when we determine the group of customers, we can match the keywords related to our industry, which will be placed on the page. It is thanks to keywords, typed into the search engine, that potential customers find their way to a given page, so it is worth putting some effort into this task. Tools such as Google Keyword Planner or Google Trends will help us select key phrases.

Content marketing, known as content marketing, is extremely important in the SEO process. It involves creating unique, valuable and educational content. Attractive texts should be published regularly, which will increase traffic to the website. Expert articles also help in building the image of a professional and trustworthy company. However, for expert articles to be written, we need to get an associate to write them in such a way. The support of copywriters familiar with the industry is invaluable and is one of the cornerstones of marketing strategies that include the services of an agency. Here it is worth mentioning once again SEO marketing Kansas, which like few of its kind offers these services at a really high level.

Web developers SEO in Kansas also try to draw clients’ attention to high visibility of the website, which is also influenced by technical aspects, i.e. its visual appearance, loading speed, correct coding, adaptation to mobile devices or SSL security certificate.

The above-mentioned actions are the basis that must be ensured for the website to appear in search results and count on frequent visits. Industry analyses show that a marketing strategy based on positioning increases brand recognition, which translates first into more traffic to the website, and then into sales results and higher profits. Following the growth of the site in the search results, we can think further – user testing ux, a proven and relevant CMS and much more. 

Positioning abroad

Trade often involves expansion into the global market. If we plan to reach foreign customers with our products, we must also adjust our website to this purpose. First of all, it is worth creating its foreign language version, thanks to which it will be visible not only in Polish search engines. Positioning abroad is based on the same actions as in the case of local positioning, but beforehand we should analyze the foreign market, get to know its specifics, check the popularity of search engines in the target country (it doesn’t have to be Google), adjust key phrases, and how user testing ux can give You an answer, what customers want to see, and experience while meeting Your website. 

For example, positioning for Germany may involve creating a domain with the suffix “de” and publishing content in German. It is worth stressing that translating texts from the Polish version of the website may not be enough because the content and keywords have to be tailored to the foreign customer, and his preferences and searches may differ from the expectations of Polish consumers.

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  • Anne Taylor 22.07.2022

    You’re right that tools such as Google Keyword Planner are extremely helpful in keyword analysis. I can also recommend tools as well: KWFinder, Answer the Public or Ahrefs. Properly selected keywords are the main part of effective SEO. Thanks to them, we can reach our potential customers and present them with our products. It is worth remembering about including long tail keyword phrases in our content. That will allow us to reach a greater number of clients.

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