Why You Should Use Shipping Labels for Your Business?
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Why You Should Use Shipping Labels for Your Business?

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Have you ever bought something online and then wondered what the purpose of the shipping label was? Did you think it was there to seal your package or to label where the package was supposed to be sent when it arrived? What if we told you that your package was delivered to someone else’s house and they had no idea? That is why shipping labels are important because they help you identify your package and aid in the prevention of thefts in the community.

What are Shipping Labels?

They are used to attach shipping details to a package. It may include your company’s name, address, phone number, the recipient’s name, and address, return information (if necessary), and a description. The person receiving it can then use this label to expedite the processing of their order. These have practical benefits for business owners in addition to streamlining the entire process for customers.

Why are these Important?

Labeling a shipping container has numerous advantages and may appear to be an extra step. However, when done properly, this can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. There are numerous reasons why these are essential, ranging from preventing the theft of your goods to the loss of your packages:

  1. They keep track of your stock. Label maker systems allow businesses to track what is shipped and what is received. Without these, if one package goes missing or is misplaced among others, the shipment may be missed. But when each package is labeled with its own unique number and barcode, it is much easier to keep track of everything and not lose track of anything.
  1. They deter theft because every shipment requires a label to be processed by customs officials before entering the country, thieves will have difficulty determining which items are worth stealing without opening every single box or bag they come across.
  1. They help reduce costs associated with errors – mislabeling shipments frequently results in higher costs due to corrections required. One misplaced sticker can result in costly product returns and longer delivery times, costing your company more money than if you had used a labeling system from the start.
  1. They reduce errors – workers are no longer running around looking for misplaced shipments; instead, proper labeling allows them to load up boxes with ease. Workers know where everything is going, so less time is wasted and more work is completed efficiently while remaining organized.
  1. They provide critical documentation- labeling your cargo helps to ensure that it’s handled appropriately by customs officials and other personnel. When necessary, markings indicate special handling instructions such as fragile or keep cool. Some countries require specific information about hazardous materials like dangerous chemicals or radioactive material even though these labels should never need to be displayed during transport inside the United States. 
  1. They increase security- different types of stickers can help to guard against someone trying to place a fake device inside your shipment- whether it’s an explosive device, biological weapon, drug stash, cash laundering toolkit, etc. Identifying that something dangerous is inside ensuring that handlers take appropriate precautions such as checking ID cards carefully before making physical contact with these objects.
  1. They simplify customs entry – without a label, customs officials are left to guess the contents of your shipment. This means that it might be opened and inspected unnecessarily, wasting everyone’s time and slowing down delivery. 
  1. They simplify tracking and tracing – with a few keystrokes, you can track your shipment anywhere in the world, regardless of how it was sent or who is carrying it. It can tell you things like the date it left, where it is currently located, how fast it is moving towards its destination, and the estimated arrival date. The latest technology in labels can also keep track of temperature conditions to make sure that your perishable products stay fresh!


After weighing all the benefits, it’s easy to see why these are the better choice. Also, digital stamps save time and money by automatically generating a barcode based on your logo, so you can print as many labels as you need without any additional costs. As more brands go direct-to-consumer and consumers become more eco-conscious, Octolize shipping labels may be your new best friend in retail.

Main photo: RoseBox/unsplash.com

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