Adopt an owl – an idea for an interesting way to support WWF

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Adopt an Owl” is a friendly campaign involving a one-time donation to help owls and other endangered species. Each adopter receives a special certificate!

WWF action

The WWF has been active around the world since 1961 and has so far carried out tens of thousands of projects to protect endangered species. Through WWF you can now symbolically adopt, among others, a little owl. Thanks to contributions from adoptions it is possible to protect an area within 50 meters from the nest and find new hollows for the owl.

Owl, or small is beautiful

Owl in Poland is under protection. This bird is not much bigger than a sparrow, hence its charming name. Hunts during the day, and sleeps at night. These predators inhabit hollows from the “secondary market”, that is, after other birds.

The bird can only be found in old-growth forests free from destructive human activities, such as the Bialowieza Forest and the Carpathian Forest.

Apart from the owl, other birds recommended for adoption include the snow leopard, European bison, harbour porpoise and grey wolf

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