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How to be eco?

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Looking for proven ways to make your life greener? Read the article and make changes that will benefit both the environment and your wallet.

Waste segregation

One of the most important changes you should make is to review the way you separate your waste. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the rules, as not everyone sorts their trash properly. Remember that different cities may have different rules on waste segregation. One of the most common mistakes is throwing leftovers of animal origin (e.g. bones, meat, fish, dairy products) into the garbage can for biodegradable waste. You should also take expired medications to a pharmacy instead of throwing them in the trash. If you have space on your balcony or in your garden, a good way to manage your organic waste is to set up your own compost heap.

Shop smart

Make smart purchasing decisions – it’s better to invest in quality than quantity. A product made of more durable materials will last longer and we will be more inclined to repair it than throw it away. It is also good to buy local products, which allows you to minimize your carbon footprint and support Polish producers

Planning your purchases is equally important, as it allows you to buy the amount of products you need. The percentage of food wasted in Poland is very high, and only raising social awareness of this issue can make a difference. Ecological habits also include buying seasonal and organic fruit, the cultivation of which has not involved the use of harmful pesticides. Among the pro-environmental solutions can also be mentioned limiting the consumption of meat. Switching to a vegetarian or flexitarian diet can have a positive impact on health. Environmentalists stress that excessive meat consumption contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, poisoning of land and ocean waters, and deforestation of tropical forests.

Use of reusable items

We can reduce waste production by reaching for reusable products such as a cotton shopping bag biodegradable bags or a water bottle. Replace plastic with eco-friendly packaging and try to choose food products sold by weight. Not only does plastic take a long time to decompose, but when exposed to high temperatures it can release substances that are harmful to the body, so it is better to use reusable substitutes. The material with beeswax pressed into it can be used to wrap sandwiches instead of food wrap. A reusable lunch pack can replace Styrofoam boxes from restaurants. A good quality zero waste store a good quality lunchbox should also offer a set of wooden or bamboo cutlery, metal straws for drinks and reusable cups, thanks to which we will not produce more garbage when taking food out.

You can also find cosmetics in eco-friendly packaging and reusable hygiene items such as makeup remover pads and diapers on the market to reduce the amount of waste produced on a daily basis.

What else is important?

Choose organic and sustainably produced products. It is also a good idea to repair and alter clothes, buy second-hand products and sell those you no longer need. Green activities also include reducing electricity consumption and choosing public transport or cycling instead of driving. This will reduce exhaust fumes and have health benefits.

Main photo: Alexander Klarmann/unsplash.com

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