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The Do’s of Preparing for a Modular Hybrid Exhibition

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You’ve made the investment to be part of a modular hybrid exhibit, which means you’re going to be showing off your company in its best possible light to buyers, distributors and other key stakeholders. So how do you prepare? Here are some important do’s and don’ts that will help make your company look its very best when exhibiting at this kind of event.

Do: Plan Ahead

Planning Ahead is the most important thing you can do to make your exhibition run as smoothly as possible. It will also help you save money on last-minute expenses. – Plan what you want to sell, how much it costs, and how much inventory you need. Once you know this information, it will be easier to budget properly. Consider what packaging needs to be created or purchased in order to get things ready for the show. Packaging is not just about the outside look but also about what goes into the container, such as padding that protects the product from damage during transport or breakable objects like glass jars or vases.

Do: Incorporate Technology

1. Incorporate technology into your exhibition by using digital screens, interactive installations, or virtual reality. Technology can make an exhibition more immersive for the viewer and help them experience something they may not have been able to otherwise.

2. Consider how you want the visitor to interact with your work when deciding how much technology to incorporate into your exhibition. If you want viewers to be able to fully explore your installation or design, then consider incorporating more features than if you simply want them to watch from afar.

3. When using an app as part of your exhibition, ensure that it is simple enough so that visitors won’t get confused but also has enough content on it so that it feels worth downloading in the first place.

Do: Have a Goal

It is important to have an end goal in mind when preparing for an exhibition. What are you looking to achieve? Your goal may be to generate new business leads, increase awareness about your product or service, or just make connections with potential partners. Whatever your goals are, it will help you create the best exhibit possible if you keep them in mind throughout the process.

Do: Promote Your Exhibition

To promote your exhibition, make sure you have a social media strategy ready. You should post about the exhibition on different platforms to reach out to different audiences. Post photos of the models, put up flyers in the area where your exhibition will be taking place and send emails to people who might be interested in your business so that they can stay up-to-date with what you’re doing. Not only will promotion help get more visitors but it will also help them see how passionate you are about your work.

main photo: unsplash.com/Jonny Gios

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