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What instead of bread? 10 ideas what you can replace bread with!

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Wheat bread is a staple food for many people. They consume it in the morning, in the evening and as a snack. Unfortunately, the products are not always of the right quality – they are sometimes baked from refined wheat without most of the fiber and valuable nutrients. In this case, what to replace bread with?

10 products with which you can replace ordinary bread

There are many healthier and tasty alternatives you can look at. Substitutes for ordinary bread can open the way not only to new taste sensations, but also to a diet with better nutritional values. 

What’s more, healthy substitutes help better manage blood sugar levels while allowing you to enjoy the taste of your favorite sandwich without substances harmful to your health or well-being. Among the 10 products you can replace bread with are:

  • corn tortillas, reduced carbohydrate and whole grain tortillas;
  • cheese wraps or cheese slices;
  • coconut wraps;
  • cauliflower bread;
  • zucchini slices;
  • yam slices; 
  • bell pepper slices;
  • portobello mushrooms; 
  • lettuce;
  • egg bread.

What to pay attention to when using substitutes?

The mentioned substitutes will certainly help you reduce unnecessary calories and carbohydrates. However, when buying them, it is worth paying attention to the nutritional information on the package. After checking the sugar, carbohydrate or fiber content, you will be able to judge whether the quality of the item meets your needs. 

Selected substitutes from the list – how to eat them?

When talking about bread substitutes, the greatest curiosity is always about vegetables. How can they be used instead of white bread? On the surface it seems difficult, but there are a few meal suggestions that you may like. 

Cooked slices of sweet potatoes can be a great substitute for a roll. Using them, for example, to make burgers, you can pleasantly surprise yourself and enjoy this interesting combination. 

In turn, eggplants, peppers, cucumbers or portobello mushrooms will be suitable as a substitute for bread itself. After slicing the aforementioned products into thick and long slices, you can put any products on them and enjoy their flavor. You should also consider toasting such compositions to release sweet flavors and make everything crispy. 

If someone does not want to opt for such different products from bread, such as vegetables or mushrooms, then he can choose healthy types of bread – grain-free or corn-based. However, when doing so, one should pay attention to the composition. Sometimes products that are advertised as “healthy and organic” have a lot of sugar in them.

Is it expensive to use bread substitutes?

On forums and in comment sections under topics on healthy food, you can often see heated discussions that concern prices for bread substitutes – from rye, spelt, buckwheat or dark wholemeal bread. Yes, the prices are a few zlotys higher in this case, but health should not be the thing you save on. 

To choose the best option in terms of finances, you can try vegetable or mushroom substitutes. They are available at a much lower price than the previously mentioned items, and their taste and nutritional qualities are on par with more expensive white bread substitutes.

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