Freezing food – why you should
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Freezing food – why you should

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Freezing food is an easy way to manage household expenses wisely. Learn what the process is and why you should practice it when planning your meals.

What is the freezing process?

Freezing food is nothing but a method of preserving foods fit for consumption for a long period of time by lowering their temperature to a certain level and thus reducing the growth of bacteria. In the catering industry cooling tables are used as a place to store and prepare frozen goods so that the whole process takes place in comfortable and hygienic conditions.

What can be frozen?

Since most of the ingredients commonly used in homes can be frozen, it is easier to enumerate the products that absolutely under no circumstances should go into the freezer. These include: eggs in shell, rice, lettuce, foods with mayonnaise and mayonnaise alone, pasta, cucumber, creamy soups, sauces, and canned foods.

If you don’t know if you can freeze a certain item, make it easy on yourself and divide unsuitable ingredients into categories. Fruits and vegetables with high water content are not suitable for consumption after defrosting, unless you use them in a soup – they will be soft and watered down. Also, fried foods or products with a creamy base (such as yogurt) should not be frozen.

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Save money

With the ability to freeze food, you can easily buy fruits and vegetables at the peak of ripeness without having to worry about their availability during the winter. This will save you money, as out-of-season ingredients become more expensive and often don’t taste the same as what is produced during the season.

You won’t waste a single bite

By freezing food, you can afford to divide your unfinished dinner into smaller portions and store them until you need them. You no longer have to waste your time and ingredients or worry that your leftovers will soon be unfit for consumption. The Stalgast refrigerated cabinet is a commercially used frozen food storage refrigerator that will ensure your frozen foods stay fresh and full of flavor for an extended period of time.

Meal planning has never been easier!

By freezing products, you are always aware of what is in your freezer. You can safely refrigerate vegetables and fruits that are not normally in season to have them on hand all year round. Your exploits in the kitchen are no longer limited to the availability of a particular ingredient. Plus, you no longer have to depend on a trip to the store for a meal. Don’t feel like leaving the house? You can easily find all the products you need in the freezer.

Need some inspiration? Read our article on how to make dinner from ingredients you have in the fridge.

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Frozen food is healthier

Fresh produce is usually harvested before it’s fully ripe, then packaged and shipped to a warehouse. It can take a day, several days or even weeks before they go on sale. This all contributes to the gradual loss of nutritional properties of fresh fruit or vegetables.

The situation is different with frozen foods. Ready-to-sell products are harvested at maturity to be flash chilled with equipment such as a blast freezer. This ensures that their growth is stopped, and once defrosted, customers can enjoy high-value goods rich in vitamins and nutrients.

You have control over product composition

Frozen products don’t need boosters or preservatives to keep their freshness for longer. As a result, you are able to control what your meals contain. You don’t have to worry about reading lengthy ingredients full of names you don’t fully understand.

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