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Does outdoor advertising make sense in the age of the internet?

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Outdoor advertisements allow you to reach a wide audience quickly. They often work more effectively than ads placed online, because they don’t have to fight for the consumer’s attention with many other notifications and messages. Find out how to attractively promote your brand with outdoor advertising.

Why is it worth investing in outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising can include billboards, advertising banners, posters, citylight panels, balloons, and advertising tents. It has the best impact if it is placed at attractive transportation points. Locations such as popular intersections or public transport guarantee daily exposure of the advertisement to thousands of eyes. However, the most crowded places will not always be the best for promoting content. Sometimes it is better to choose locations where the target audience of our brand usually stays – having a specific consumer awareness and habits. The advertising message should be addressed to a specific group of recipients.

What location and form of advertising to choose?

An effective form of emitting advertisements and information are outdoor, flat infoscreen screens, which are usually located on platforms and bus stops. Smaller format advertising screens also work well in buildings such as universities and colleges. Determining the target audience will help you to effectively choose the advertising medium and the location of the advertisement. If the recipients of your product or potential employees of your company are students, it may be a good idea to advertising on universities. Learners are a young, active group with high purchasing potential, who are also susceptible to new trends and advertising campaigns. Recruiters, brand specialists and employees can advertise in educational spaces. It is also a good opportunity for employer branding. The big advantage of the screens is a dynamic message that captures attention more than standard paper posters.

Currently, a very interesting way to stand out from the competition is to place advertising on parcel machines. According to the statistics, more than 500 thousand people a day receive and send the parcels from parcel machines. The devices operate 24 hours a day and guarantee wide coverage, thanks to which they can serve as perfect advertising medium. If you are looking for a form of promotion, which will allow you to reach the e-consumer and will combine multimedia and static advertising, it will be a good choice for this purpose inpost advertising. All parcel machines are equipped with multimedia screens, which are necessary to receive the parcel. People using parcel machine panel will have to watch the advertisement in order to go to the stage of collecting the parcel. The video message can be additionally supported by graphic advertisements placed on the front of the machine. Using a parcel machine as an advertising medium enables also targeting and geotargeting options.

An alternative to the aforementioned solutions may be engaging advertising spots. They make it possible to convey a lot of content in a relatively short period of time, and on top of that they give an opportunity to tell stories which will arouse emotions of the consumer. Video marketing may include a multimedia presentation, a video presentation expanded with content boards or an advertising spot in the form of a film or animation. The spot is a modern form of brand promotion, which is easy to digest, does not require commitment and at the same time allows you to build lasting relationships with customers based on the characters in the video. Attractive advertising spot will affect the brand recognition and increase the number of customers interested in offered services.

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